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    Are you actively involved an open source project? We're giving you the opportunity to tell the Java community about your project at TheServerSide Java Symposium (March 18-20 in Las Vegas). New this year, Project Reports are 15-minute presentations on the state of various open source projects. Get involved and explain to the community: • Why your project was started, • What problems it is intended to address, • What your vision is for the project’s future. This is your chance to get the word out about your project to over 400 Java gurus and problem solvers. Whether you’re working on Wicket, Seam, Tapestry, or any others, we’d like to hear from you! Submit your idea to Karen Travelo today Still need to register for TheServerSide Java Symposium? Click here
  2. Maybe "Shine" developers can give a project report, and then we can get some random linux distro lead to give a report.