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    Can anyone suggest me how to call COM Object from java class file.

    Please reply ASAP.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Check out jintegra (java-com bridge)
  3. import that com object into your java class.
    If you are using orb,include typelibrary and idl.
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    We investigated all possible solutions, but finally decided to go with SOAP for scalability reasons. Because SOAP is a very new technology, we are putting together the initial plumbing for it, without actually implementing it with SOAP at this time. By this, I mean we are POSTing XML data between Servlets and ASPs. This will make it easier for us to simply wrap the XML around HTTP, as SOAP uses it. Though we may take a hit with performance, as copmpared with DCOM, bridge etc, we think that this is a much cleaner solution, one that scales well. This may also help us get into a future Asynchronous solution (for COM integration) with JMS etc.... - Srini...