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News: Advanced GWT Components 1.4.6 released

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    Release 1.4.6 ( includes: New features: 1. Advanced Tab Panel. This widget allows drawing tabs in any position on the content - top, bottom, left or right side. Interesting feature is that developers can set their own rendering options and get purely customizable look & feel. 2. New basic Borders API. It's an interface that helps to create borders around other widgets without images and browser specific styles. 3. The library showcase demo application was totally redesigned and provides the source code of the samples online. Developers don't have to download it everytiem when they need to investigate API details. 4. Now the SimpleGrid is able to resize columns on mouse down-move-and-up events. In previous releases it was a responsibility of the header widget. 5. EditableGrid and subclasses now support more facade methods that simplify working with data models. 6. DatePicker improvements. Now it allows null date value. 7. Numerous bug fixes related to resizing and rendering issues. As other releases this one is absolutely free and distributed under Apache License 2.0.

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    Few widgets and very ugly compared with smartgwt
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    The quality has definitely improved since the last release
  4. Looking very good and efficient. I'll definitely try this one.
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    Martinez, is right. SmartGWT way, way better.