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EJB design: which is better ?

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    my company is going in for ejb deployment. i am wondering which is better fast server effective in terms of over head,for implementation of client side gui applet-servlet combination or the traditional servlet-html combination ?
    please explain which and why ?

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    EJB is a good choice made by your company when the client accessing is with either applet/servlet or servlet/html.EJB promotes rapid application development by reducing the burden from the programmer point.j2EE offer lot of services when compared to other servers available in the market.It offers jms(java mail services) ,jta(java trascation api),security,state management,resource pooling. I advice you to go for J2EE server.
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    You can goto weblogic 6.0 which support ejb 2.0 specification and all tecnology which require for serverside component.