DCI: A New Vision For Object-Oriented Programming


News: DCI: A New Vision For Object-Oriented Programming

  1. Trygve Reenskaug, who created the Model-View-Controller pattern while at Xerox Parc in the 1970s, has joined forces with James O. Coplien, one of the founders of the Software Pattern discipline, to describe the Data-Context-Interactions architecture (DCI) in an article on Artima. DCI is an attempt to address a deficiency in traditional object-oriented architectures: although objects capture structure well, they fail to capture system action. DCI is a vision to capture the end user cognitive model of roles and the interactions between them. The goal of DCI is to better unify the perspectives of the programmer and end user in the code, to help improve both the usability of the software and the understandability of the program code itself. The article is here: http://www.artima.com/articles/dci_vision.html What do you think of the ideas presented in the article?
  2. The Qi4J environment (Richard Öberg and Steen Lehmann) is pushing forward the ability to express traits in a Java environment.
    What´s the current state of Qi4J?