Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 11g released


News: Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 11g released

  1. This certified set of Eclipse plug-ins is designed to help develop, deploy, debug, and test applications for Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Database. It installs as a plug-in to your existing Eclipse, or will install Eclipse for you and is free. OEPE 11g combines the best development features of Oracle Workshop for WebLogic and Oracle's independent contributions to the Eclipse platform. Eclipse developers targeting WebLogic, Java SE, Java EE, Web Services, XML, the Spring Framework, Database Development can simply use Oracle's Eclipse Update site to access these free tools:
    • Server plug-ins for multiple versions of Oracle WebLogic, vendor – specific feature support
    • JAX-WS Web Service development and testing tools
    • Object – Relational Mapping Workbench (JPA Entity Editor, Mapping Wizards)
    • Spring IDE Project and Spring code generation wizards
    • Core WebLogic Server IDE Support (Deployment Descriptor Editor, Shared Java EE Libs)
    • Oracle Database Tools (Schema Viewer, DDL generation)

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    There is no Eclipse 11g. Sure this is an honest mistake, right? It had better be called "Oracle 11g Enterprise Pack for Eclipse".
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    I'll leave it to Oracle to respond definitively, but I suspect that it's the full product name, followed by the (Oracle) release number. Technically, it should probably be "Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse, Version 11g."
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    Yes a strategic comma is missing there - the Eclipse version this relates to is of course 3.4