WebORB for Java Now Supports Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server


News: WebORB for Java Now Supports Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server

  1. Midnight Coders announces WebORB support for Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server - a winning combination for building Java software-based Rich Internet Applications (RIA). WebORB for Java is an integration and runtime (presentation) server. Combining the two delivers fast start-up time, rapid iterative development and strong support for NetBeans IDE 6.5 and Eclipse. Furthermore, WebORB can be embedded into any Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server platform. The combined offering supports RIA project developers in projects both large and small by providing: • Robust RIA development and deployment in a Java runtime environment. • RIAs requiring high scalability and performance. • Centralized application management for IT staff. • Connectivity to multiple client-side technologies (Flash, Flex, Ajax, Silverlight and soon JavaFX(TM)) and Java software-based servers. • A team-based approach to project success. • Solid product roadmap for current and next generation technologies. Developers are welcome to visit Midnight Coders WebORB for Java http://www.themidnightcoders.com/products/weborb-for-java/overview.html or Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server http://www.sun.com/software/products/glassfish_portfolio/ to learn more about each product and their associated product downloads.
  2. Probably wasted time...[ Go to top ]

    ... but we will see on Monday if (when) IBM acquires Sun :/