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    ICEfaces 1.8 is out!
    If there is a theme to the ICEfaces 1.8 release, it is one of "refinement". Don't worry, there are a bunch of new features too in the over 350 fixes and enhancements included in the release, but a lot of development time was spent looking at how we could make ICEfaces better, easier, and more robust than ever before. In that regard, we've made some progress: Richer & More Productive
    • All new confirmationPanel, dataExporter, and setEventPhase components.
    • Improved focus management via ice:outputBody value-binding.
    • Time entry is now supported by the selectInputDate component.
    • Keyboard and double-click support has been added to the rowSelector.
    • Popup components (menuBar, menuPopup, panelTooltip, selectInputDate) can now automatically position themselves to avoid displaying off the visible window.
    • The Input File component is now much easier to use, supports progress updates - even in synchronous mode.
    Easy Robust Ajax Push
    • The new SessionRenderer API provides the simplest way to implement compelling Ajax Push features in any framework, and it's built on top of ICEfaces industry-leading push architecture.
    • The unique new Push Server provides a zero-configuration solution for deploying multiple asynchronous applications to the same server.
    • ICEfaces now supports deployment into clustered fail-over configurations for applications with high-availability requirements.
    • No other Ajax Push solution can approach this level of robustness, scalability, and ease-of use.
    Faster & Leaner
    • Rendering performance has been improved up to 30%.
    • Java heap consumption has been reduced 30-50%.
    - Read the Release Announcement. - Get it now.

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