dynaTrace Introduces Test Center Standard Edition


News: dynaTrace Introduces Test Center Standard Edition

  1. Boston - dynaTrace software, the leader in continuous application performance management (APM) across the lifecycle for business-critical Java and .NET applications, today announced dynaTrace Test Center Standard Edition, an entry priced solution for test centers challenged with the need to increase test coverage and fidelity with less time and resources than ever before. This new edition provides test centers of all sizes an enterprise-class solution for increasing the efficiency of web application load testing, eliminating the need to reproduce issue or re-run tests while automating the documentation of application issues in a development-centric manner. By doing so, Test Center Standard Edition streamlines the interaction between test/QA and development to reduce the mean-time-to-resolve the most common web application issues by 90% or more. Studies suggest that 25% of Tester's time is wasted cycling back and forth with development on issues surfacing in load tests. Similarly, as much as 20% of developers' time can be wasted in this same inefficient process. Load-test software, such as Load Runner, JMeter or Visual Studio Team System, are valuable in exposing potential application problems, but provide no visibility into the application and do not isolate and pinpoint the root cause of issues for development to resolve. Companies often attempt to identify root cause with ineffective manual approaches, resulting in frequent, frustrating "ping-pong" discussions between test and development. And because root-cause isolation is so difficult, known issues often remain unresolved, moving on to become exponentially more expensive problems in production. dynaTrace Test Center Standard Edition solves these problems by bringing an enterprise-class test center diagnostic solution - proven in the world's most demanding organizations such as UBS, LinkedIn and SAS - to QA departments who need a more systematic and automated solution for Java and .Net applications. Key features: · Rapid diagnosis and isolation of most common web application issues, including database access performance issues, chattiness, latency and interdependencies in clustered, virtualized and distributed applications, uncaught and hidden exceptions, system performance and JVM/CLR metrics including GC and memory metrics, · Automatic documentation of application issues in a development-centric manner, with full PurePath context (SQL statements, SQL bind values, exceptions, log messages, remoting payload, Web form and URL parameters, Web service endpoints etc) and true transaction detail across distributed applications, · Out of the box integration with most popular Load test environments (such as LoadRunner, JMeter, Visual Studio Team System, SilkPerformer, ProxySniffer, Neotys, and iTKO/Lisa) for fast time to value, · Best-in-class memory diagnostics as an additional add-on (leveraging the dynaTrace lightweight agent for deep memory dumps that work even where regular tools like profilers fail), automated memory diagnostics, and full, deep reference and trend analysis for fastest memory leak diagnostics, and · Seamless upgrade to dynaTrace Test Center Edition for enterprises, which includes additional capability and flexibility for the most demanding web and non-web application test and performance centers. "We're really excited about dynaTrace for performance testing," said Mike Demastrie, Software QA Manager at Novell. "We've developed a distributed, asynchronous Agile process and test is a vital part of that. Our ability with dynaTrace for testers to quickly isolate and document performance issues that they can immediately share with developers wherever they're located is essential to that process." dynaTrace Test Center Standard Edition is available now. Customers who purchase Test Center Standard Edition and choose to upgrade to Test Center Edition for enterprises within the first year after purchase will receive full trade-in value. To request a free trial of dynaTrace Test Center Standard Edition, click here. For more information about dynaTrace Test Center Standard Edition, visit dynaTrace/TCSE.
  2. DynaTrace sounds really interesting and I am going to look at it. But this :
    Holy buzzwords, Batman! The speaker is obviously a fool - but what's worse, he forgets to mention how leveraging the power of crowdsourcing has enabled them to commoditize their RESTful WOA service offerings ! How can they MANAGE ?