Tomcat Expert Seminar Series Adds New North America Dates


News: Tomcat Expert Seminar Series Adds New North America Dates

  1. The hugely popular Tomcat Expert Seminar Series has added new session dates for North America in May: Designed for operations staff, engineers, and developers who are looking for expert advice on how to optimize and manage Tomcat in production, the half day seminar will cover:
    • Large-scale Tomcat deployments
    • Performance tuning Tomcat
    • Troubleshooting in production environments
    • Enterprise capabilities for Tomcat
    • Mitigating risk using Tomcat in mission critical deployments
    For a small registration fee, attendees will get valuable information from the experts about the best ways to use Apache Tomcat. Be sure to register now!

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    Why not mention that this is a SpringSource seminar, rather than implying it is something definitive Tomcat ? Yes we know a coupld of Tomcat committers work for you ...
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    You are correct, Johana, this is a SpringSource organized and run event. The main speaker is Filip Hanik who is an Apache Tomcat committer. Adam FitzGerald SpringSource
  4. I attended this seminar in Melbourne on April 2. It was great! For a short (half-day) session I got a lot of really useful information. The presenter, Filip Hanik, was both knowledgeable and entertaining. He handled many questions from the audience, almost always being able to give a direct, informative answer. I've been able to put his Large Scale Deployments advice into practice already, and am enjoying a much better architected Tomcat setup. 11/10! John Hurst Wellington, New Zealand
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    Congrats to SS for getting free advertising.