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    while using primary key class in CMP, im getting the following error
    D:\weblogic\ejb\Entity\CMPPK\ejbcgen\MyCMPPSWebLogic_CMP_RDBMS.java:21: illegal
    start of expression
      /*package*/ java.lang.String[] __WL_FIELD_NAMES = new String[] { , "produc
    tID", "name", "description", "price" };
    1 error
    Exec failed .. exiting

    what will be the error and this is bugging me a lot.

    help me

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       im not sure abt ur problem..but the first element in the array is empty..that may be the problem..so remove that first comma...
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     thanx for the reply. but its happening while i m doing ejbc. My bean fields are correct and i checked up with my xml. what will be the problem

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      i got ur prob..but i dont know why do u want to specify the field names in ur ejb coding..
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    This is generated code, which won't compile yes?

    Looks to me like you are missing a field name mapping in your entity bean deployment descriptor. Hence, the missing first element, which leads to generated code with invalid syntax.

    That gives you your error.