WebSphere sMash v1.1.0.1 - released


News: WebSphere sMash v1.1.0.1 - released

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    IBM's WebSphere sMash development team has made V1.1.0.1 of the product available for download. V1.1.0.1 as well as our latest experimental drivers are freely available for download from http://www.projectzero.org. If you're not familiar with sMash you should give it a try. It's a development and runtime environment that's intended to revolutionize creation of dynamic, RESTful web apps based on Web 2.0 technologies & dynamic scripting languages (PHP & Groovy). V1.1.0.1 builds on our V1.1 release and adds PHP performance improvements, a new PHP to Groovy bridge (call Groovy classes from PHP), and a number of enhancements requested in our Project Zero community. For example supporting Zero forms in Assemble Flows, supporting PHP in Assemble Flows, and explicit HTTP Cookie support in our Connection API. Check it out at http://www.projectzero.org. Give us your feedback and comments on it.

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    In the past the licence used to be strange. Did it changed or been clarified? Anyhow, the product is exciting.
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    Hi Serge, We have three editions: 1) Project Zero experimental builds (latest are named LeMans and Sebring). Includes the latest/greatest functional enhancements, tools, and bug fixes that haven't yet made it into our generally available product. No-charge for development and limited deployments. Support via Project Zero community. 2) WebSphere sMash Developer Edition - includes our tooling as well as our stable, production-ready runtime. No-charge for development and limited deployments. Support via Project Zero community. 3) WebSphere sMash - same stable, production-ready runtime as WebSphere sMash Developer Edition, but warranted & licensed for full production deployments. Available for purchase from IBM. Support available via Project Zero community and 24x7x365 voice & electronic IBM support included with each new license purchase. Check out the FAQ on our community site for more info (http://www.projectzero.org/about/zerofaq.php).