It’s easy now to create an Eclipse RCP db client via Hibernate


News: It’s easy now to create an Eclipse RCP db client via Hibernate

  1. A small bridge between Hibernate and Eclipse UI is produced by the developers at Now it became much easier to develop and support the application of such kind with the proposed bridge by the following reasons:
    • The data object architecture is designed in the nontraditional way (not java beans). The new approach allows developer to create declarative data object dependencies which are evaluated at the compilation stage (not at runtime).
    • The data object architecture is very descriptive. The whole data model description is available at the very early application start even when the data model is not initialized yet.
    • The proposed small UI famework is MVC based and it uses the declarative dependencies. The most of the application java code is just pointing data objects and fields to be displayed. There is a set of tools as for simple SWT components as for composite tables, trees, lists, editor.
    The Eclipse based database client with the hibernate technology link demonstrates all the few steps of how to create a complete sample with a couple of data objects and several of the Eclipse views, editors, wizards and actions.
  2. Very interesting!