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  1. Hi; Note, this is for the front-end part but the back end is a J2EE report server. The top of my list for version 8 improvements (as opposed to new features) is to improve our UI for charts. It easily is the most difficult part for a new user and even the support people here (who know the program best) trip over it at times. The key issue is selecting the data for the chart. Everything else works pretty well. But this one part – not simple. Any suggestion - please, Please, PLEASE post a comment at thanks - dave

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    Unfortunately I can't suggest nothing as for your problem. But it seems to me you'd better find some good guide. I often find different guides at rapidshare SE . Well, at first such guidebooks demand some time but later they save headaches. You may also approach a person who likes complicated questions. There are a lot of such people.