Jopr 2.2.0 adds Tomcat Management


News: Jopr 2.2.0 adds Tomcat Management

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    Version 2.2.0 of the Jopr management platform has just been released. It is a powerful system that allows you to manage a complex, distributed environment of deployed hardware and software. Jopr has a plugin architecture allowing different plugins to provide management for specific products or systems. Jopr provides strong management support for environments running JBoss Application Servers but out of the box provides a large set of plugins for managing an entire system. For example, platform plugins (Linux, Windows), database plugins (Oracle, Postgres), Hibernate, Apache web server, and many, many more. A major addition in Jopr 2.2 is the Tomcat plugin, introducing powerful management for standalone Tomcat environments via Jopr. Jopr already provided support for Tomcat embedded in JBoss Application Server and the new Tomcat plugin completes the picture. For more details check out Jopr 2.2 adds Tomcat Management. Let us know what you think on the Jopr Forums.

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  2. This doesn't by any chance allow mod_cluster to dynamically load balance amongst standalone Tomcats by metrics like active session counts does it?
  3. I'm not overly familiar with mod_cluster but as I understand it there is an ability for the web servers to feed back information to the load balancer. The Tomcat plugin collects a lot of metric data, some of which comes straight from the Tomcat server itself, and some of which comes on top of that, like url response time metrics and some per-minute metrics. Jopr 2.2 does not expose the metrics externally so I don't think you'd currently leverage Jopr or the Tomcat plugin for mod_cluster feedback. But, we are actively working on ways of exposing our data externally. So, perhaps in the future. Please feel welcome to discuss ideas in the Jopr forums. Thanks, -Jay
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    This looks like its based on Hyperic, is it?
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    This answer is no, not really. Any similarity may be that the graphs are still legacy hyperic code. But just about everything else in Jopr is brand new code developed at RedHat/JBoss. TheJopr 2.2 Tomcat plugin was written from scratch. -Jay
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    Can you explain the need to rewrite "brand new code" all the Hyperic code? I am surprised that you mention that the code was developed at RedHat/JBoss as I thought this was some joint initiative.
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    Hi, I was just answering your original question. To keep this thread focused on the Jopr Tomcat plugin I invite you to take this discussion to the Jopr forums at: Thanks, -Jay