With the latest release of Clover 2.5, Atlassian has improved significantly upon the Test Optimization feature, aka selective testing, which was introduce in Clover 2.4. Since Clover tracks per-test coverage, Test Optimization automatically determines the optimal subset of tests to run based on the specific changes made. Tests can also be re-ordered so the tests most likely to fail get run first, providing faster feedback. How is Test Optimization better? In addition to providing Test Optimization for Ant, Maven and other command line tools, Clover 2.5 has added it in two key area: 1. In the IDE: Works in both Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA, making it quicker to run instrumented tests on small code changes 2. Functional testing: With support for recording distributed per-test coverage (across multiple JVM's), you now have selective testing for your longest running functional or acceptance tests Check out the Eclipse Test Optimization video here! Where do you think Test Optimization is most valuable?