JSR-299 - Depdency Injection standarization impressions


Blogs: JSR-299 - Depdency Injection standarization impressions

  1. Java frameworks based on dependency injection/inversion of control principles have been widely adopted in the enterprise Java community, chief among them the Spring framework and Google Guice. These two posts -- one by Rickard Öberg and another by James Strachan -- contain impressions on the recent announcement from the expert group leading JSR-299 about the possibility of a special @Inject annotation, with the intent of standarizing dependency injection via annotations on the Java platform. Read Rickard Öberg's post 'Why @Inject is a bad idea': http://www.jroller.com/rickard/entry/why_inject_is_a_bad Read James Strachan's post 'Thoughts on the new @Inject JSR': http://macstrac.blogspot.com/2009/05/thoughts-on-new-inject-jsr.html
  2. IMHO, Seam is a kind of a Java application bus (somewhat similar to CORBA). Dominique http://www.jroller.com/dmdevito.
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    I would like to clarify that all of the points in the @Inject spec that I didn't like can be fixed. That is, "Why @Inject is a bad idea" refers to the current version, and not that @Inject per se is bad. Also, as I pointed out in the comment section to my blog post, my reading of 299 is that it's basically beyond repair. That one should be scrapped and not even rethought.