MyEclipse 7.5 M1: Delivering Master Class VisualVM Java Profiler


News: MyEclipse 7.5 M1: Delivering Master Class VisualVM Java Profiler

  1. Genuitec, maker of the MyEclipse integrated development environment and a founding and strategic member of the Eclipse Foundation, announced the initial milestone release of MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 7.5. The new release series delivers extensive speed upgrades, incorporates the VisualVM Java Profiler, Remote Websphere Deployment, a Visual SQL Query Builder, ICEfaces 1.8 support and an upgrade to MyEclipse's Visual Designers. With VisualVM profiler support, users will enjoy design preference pages that allow the configuration of the VisualVM and integrated UI flows; including previously NetBeans-only profiling options. Additionally, the MyEclipse team has added many features not available in the standalone VisualVM Eclipse plugin. The new MyEclipse Visual SQL Query Builder connector delivers complex SQL queries with an intuitive visual query building interface. For MyEclipse 7.5 M1 Blue Edition users, Remote Websphere Deployment is now included for WAS 6 and WAS 7 (including debugging). Also included are deployment over HTTP and HTTPS, and support importing the SSL certificates from the HTTPS connection. Other key features include ICEfaces 1.8 tooling enhancements, Visual Web Designer and XUL runner upgrades. MyEclipse 7.5 M1 is delivered on top of the Pulse Eclipse Management Platform, which allows users to efficiently customize and maintain their MyEclipse environments both at the individual and corporate level. Subscriptions to MyEclipse are available annually for about $30, $50 or $150 for the Standard, Professional and Blue editions. Let us know what you think about these enhancements.

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  2. Let us know what you think about these enhancements.
    Personally, I think MyEclipse IDE is getting bloated. By the way, while you're here can you be bold to answer my previous question I posted in your last product release announcement which you dodged? Here it goes:
    What frustrates me most is the MyEclipse license model. It's yearly and when it expires they disable certain features from the IDE. That can be very irritating. Question to to the MyEclipse team: Why don't you bind the license to versions instead. In other words, that one buy say a license for version 6 that never expires. Because not everyone wants all those bloat that comes with every major release.
  3. Jan, Not a lot of people know that you have been able to turn off the portions of MyEclipse you don't want to use for years. Under Windows > Preferences > General > Capabilities > Advanced, you just go through and uncheck the parts you don't want and they won't load on startup. As for the licensing scheme question, this wasn't "dodged", Genuitec was one of the first movers in the Eclipse software space to utilize a subscription model. We've gotten near universal praise for the model as it's inexpensive and much more flexible than a per-version basis. You made the comment "Because not everyone wants all those bloat that comes with every major release." -- no one is forcing you to upgrade, you can just pay your $30 for the year and use version 4.0 of MyEclipse if you want. We actually have a handful of corporate users that purchased MyEclipse 3.8.0 4 years ago, standardized on it and haven't moved since. They renew every year and keep that same version installed (That's Eclipse 2.1) Lastly, another enhancement we'll have coming in MyEclipse 8.0 is something we've been working on for a while and that is MyEclipse "Lite" -- it will be the ability to completely manage the parts of the IDE you have installed or not from the Dashboard on startup. Let's say you start with some ultra-light MyEclipse "Core" bundle, and you want to add Struts support but that's it... you just tick it off in the Dashboard, hit Install and restart. If there are updates they are offered to you automatically. If you are done with Struts and want to roll back to the ultra-light version, just tick "Uninstall" next to that bundle in the Dashboard and away you go. It's going to open up a lot of doors for our users to mix-and-match whatever they want from the IDE, because no 1 person uses all of it.
  4. I use myeclipse when I have to (these days, mainly because I'm too lazy to figure out how to get tomcat to reload changed classes), but Pulse and the update services are nothing but trouble (they're the reason I went back to a vanilla eclipse install for most work, without them I wouldn't be actively working my way off myeclipse). BTW what's "Master" class? Aren't we past all that hierarchical terminology?
  5. David, For the folks that cannot get Pulse working smoothly for them we provide the Archived Update Site on our download page as well as (more recently) full "Manual Installs" of MyEclipse -- these are pre-integrated Eclipse Classic+MyEclipse bundles that you can just unzip and run. We've tried to make it as easy as possible for folks to get MyEclipse installed any way they want.
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    and I can see still no Struts2 support...3 years after it was first promised. Ok let us give you few more years and see what excuse you would come up with then.
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    People still use struts?
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    trying to be funny?.... tons of bank and government departments use old Struts and will for years and for those going to Struts 2 makes perfect sense ... unless someone manages to break their "old fashioned" thinking and move them forward to start developement in php ... isn't that what you were trying to imply?
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    PHP? now you're the one being funny! JSF 2.0 w/ Seam of course
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    PHP? now you're the one being funny! JSF 2.0 w/ Seam of course
    Now both of you are being funny. JSF? Anyone using it outside of large Oracle customers?
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    PHP? now you're the one being funny! JSF 2.0 w/ Seam of course

    Now both of you are being funny. JSF? Anyone using it outside of large Oracle customers?
    Uhm, yes? But let's not turn this into a Struts 2 vs the rest war, since this news post was really about MyEclipse. I must say that I've been using MyEclipse for a long time and have been happy with it. I still don't quite understand though why Pulse is needed. Eclipse already has one of the most elaborate plug-in systems in the world. A lot of other systems are comparing themselves to Eclipse for the goals they want to reach with respect to plug-in capabilities. You on the other hand had this amazing plug-in architecture, but still felt the need to build something else. Maybe I'm really missing something, so feel free to enlighten me ;)
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    I think you only love Eclise/MyEclipse because you haven't really given IntelliJ a try :-) Sorry, had to plug this in. Eclipse can't even compare to the editing functionality in IDEA. Yes, they Eclipse has more plugins, probably mostly due to it's open source and non-commercial nature. To say that Eclipse has the world class plugin system, is probably a bit too much credit. I wouldn't argue that eclipse might have a great plugin development kit (I haven't had the time or need to try it out), but managing plugins and their dependencies with eclipse is plain hell, just ask the folks who gave up after the first few hours. It might of gotten better, I haven't tried in about 2 years, but even if they would improve on the plugin management capabilities, I still wouldn't give it another shot until they are on par with the editing capabilties and intelligent context based suggestions, refactorings, etc... like IntelliJ. I think Eclipse is getting there slowly, but IntelliJ is also adding more and more features that makes my life so much easier for the $250 price tag.
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    Augustientje, Pulse is not intended as a replacement for the Eclipse plug-in system; as you mentioned that would be silly. What Pulse does is extend those fundamental Eclipse capabilities (Pulse is built on top of p2) to meet enterprise configuration and distribution challenges. It seems that almost every company with five or more developers using Eclipse-based tools must rely on a tool-smith to maintain and support tool stacks (this person ends-up having to build custom plug-ins to maintain standards around tool versions, dependencies, workspaces, etc…). The problem becomes near un-manageable without something like Pulse when dealing with hundreds of developers relying on multiple stacks without having at least one full-time developer to support the setup, configuration, roll out, distribution and management for such an environment. In bigger shops we've commonly seen entire teams that manage this effort as well that handle rollouts of updates and so on. This story became a common conversation with MyEclipse corporate users a few years ago; it’s from those conversations that we developed Pulse. Today, we provide Pulse as a three-tier offering: 1 - Private Label: A scalable, secure system for companies to manage entire catalogs of software (not just Eclipse plug-ins) that they wish to configure and distribute to their end users in addition to user access via groups, roles and permissions. We also offer hosting for Private Label installs as well as the option for the customer to host the install themselves behind their own secure network infrastructure. We’ll be distributing some press releases shortly that talk about the large scale and innovative implementations occurring in that area. 2 - Freelance Team Edition: A version of Pulse for development teams that is an extension of Pulse Community Edition that focuses on providing turn-key delivery, full tool customization and development team synchronization. Now one person can set up your team environment and everyone else just "clicks the button" to install it -- complete with projects and custom preferences. When an update to the environment is made, everyone gets notified so they can accept it. 3 - Community Edition. A free service for individuals looking for a convenient way to get Eclipse tools without having to become build, version or dependency experts. You can configure software stacks with drag-and-drop or custom update sites and even save your project settings and preferences with them as well. You then have a truly portable development environment that you can install on any machine or OS with just a button click. MyEclipse contains a custom version of Community Edition that integrates with MyEclipse's extensions as well as the public plugin catalogs and external update sites. All the advantages of Community Edition but from within MyEclipse itself with no need to run Pulse externally for configuration. Similar capabilities are included in each software stack created with the Pulse Explorer as well. Thanks for being a loyal MyEclipse user, and I hope I answered your question. If you’d like more information please visit our Pulse blog:
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    On paper, pulse is a great tool that really helps to manage the eclipse plugins. However, it does not work (the team edition). At least it did not work for our team with custom update sites. When it finally starts to work, it could be a fantastic tool and well worth the money.
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    Neeme, sorry to hear of your bad experience using Pulse. We strive to have a high level of excellence for your software management and when we fall short, work hard to rectify any issues. I'll follow up offline to see if there is any assistance we can be in solving your issues but in the interim, know that we are continuing to work on our next Pulse release with some significant improvements specifically in the reliability of software download and consistency of provisioning operations. We look forward to getting you up and going on Pulse again! Cheers, Tim Webb Pulse Product Manager
  16. PHP? now you're the one being funny! JSF 2.0 w/ Seam of course

    Now both of you are being funny. JSF? Anyone using it outside of large Oracle customers?
    To answer your question. Yes I am using it. I have used it for a few years on both very large and very small projects and it performs and scales well. I've always used Tomcat and on rare occasion JBoss, so I wouldn't call myself an Oracle customer, although I use their database products when my employer/client requests it, particularly Berkeley Database. For those who didn't recognise the name, you can thank/curse Gavin King for Hibernate and Seam and probably a few other projects I forgot to mention. Seam is a worthy and comprehensive framework and I can't wait for him to release Web Beans. I can tell everyone that JSF 2.0 will be a massive improvement over JSF 1.2 and I think it will really shift momentum away from most of the competing frameworks. I still see a place for very specialized alternatives, like Wicket & Grails, but I think that 2 years after officially being released and supported, JSF 2.0 will cement it's place at the top of Java web development.
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    I understand that many company will continue to use Struts for some more time - as its STABLE - and has huge installed base. However the momentum will continue to shift towards JSF + Seam + Shale(client side validation) as compared with Struts. In that sense - its may be a good decision for Myeclipse to not bloat it further - by providing good support for outgoing framework like Struts. Thanks, Zahid
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    trying to be funny?.... tons of bank and government departments use old Struts and will for years
    So that is why they (banks) pay such high salaries. :) Maybe they should be featured on Discover's "Dirty Jobs".
    and for those going to Struts 2 makes perfect sense
    The are not the same thing. VB6 and VB.Net are closer than Struts and Struts2. And they are not that close.
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    MyEclipse for me has been hit or miss... nice features list, but 2 issues: 1) very, very buggy 2) documentation is horrible and doesn't match with dialogs
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    I noticed a specific 64 bit edition for RHEL. Does MyEclipse support a 64 bit environment in Windoes yet?