Tech Talk: Google Web Toolkit: An Introduction


News: Tech Talk: Google Web Toolkit: An Introduction

  1. In this Tech Talk, David Geary teaches you: The basics of Google Web Toolkit; How to implement Ajax-enabled applications in Java; Internationalization; Hooking into the browser history mechanism; Remote procedure calls. Watch Tech Talk
  2. Need to fill out a form to become a member of before you can watch the video. No thanks.
  3. Agreed, use this instead... Username: bitpipe at member dot com Password: bitpipemember
  4. Don't bother[ Go to top ]

    Somebody pointed the camera at the speaker, who rambles on and looks at the screen the audience can see but you can't. It would have been better if they had pointed it at the screen and left it there. A waste of 46 minutes!
  5. Should be some good GWT videos when Google I/O posts them.
  6. Spank'n hot GWT videos not available at