WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) 2.1.0 Released!


News: WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) 2.1.0 Released!

  1. The WSO2 ESB is a lightweight and easy-to-use Open Source Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) available under the Apache Software License v2.0. WSO2 ESB allows administrators to simply and easily configure message routing, virtualization, intermediation, transformation, logging, task scheduling, load balancing, failover routing, event brokering, etc.. The runtime has been designed to be completely asynchronous, non-blocking and streaming based on the Apache Synapse core. WSO2 ESB 2.1.0 is developed on top of the revolutionary Carbon platform (Middleware a' la carte), and is based on the OSGi framework to achieve the better modularity for your Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). This also contains a lots of new features and many other optional components to customize the behavior of the server. You can download this distribution from Project Download Page and give it a try. The complete Release Note can be found in here, and the top features of the WSO2 ESB 2.1.0 is as follows;
    • This ESB release is based on Carbon "Middleware a' la carte" which is an OSGi based SOA platform version 2.0 by WSO2 Inc.
    • Rule based mediation via Drools
    • Fine grained autherization for services via the Entitlement mediator
    • Reliable-Messaging specification 1.1 support
    • Enhanced WS-Eventing support and Event Sources making it an even broker
    • Enhanced AJAX based sequence, endpoint and proxy service editors
    • Enhanced transport configuration management through the graphical console
    • Enhanced integrated registry and search functionalities with versionning, notifications, rating of resources, and commenting
    • Enhanced remote registry support
    • Default persistence to the registry for the configuration elements
    • Enhanced permission model with the user management
    • Enhanced REST/GET and other HTTP method support
    • P2 based OSGi feature support, for optional features like service management, runtime governance and so on..
    This release of the WSO2 ESB is production ready and shipped with a comprehensive set of samples that you can try, out of the box to see most of the features of WSO2 ESB inaction. Further users can share there experience with the others and help each other using the product under the guidance of the development team through the ESB Forum.
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    I also blogged about this: Paul Fremantle talking about WSO2 ESB 2.1 Paul
  3. Can anyone explain how JBI is supported?
  4. Can anyone explain how JBI is supported?
    WSO2 ESB uses Apache Synapse underneath, and the approach of the Synapse is different from the JBI... It doesn't really supports JBI integration at least for the moment. WSO2 ESB is configured with a very simple Configuration Language and provides and administration console. If the community is asking for it, we were willing to add the JBI integration on top of our approach, by allowing users to plugin any JBI BCs and SUs to WSO2 ESB, but it didn't seem to be interesting to the users. If there is a requirement from the community we can still do that integration. You may have a look at the ESB (Apache Synapse) operational model which is far more simple than JBI.
  5. Further extending the WSO2 ESB is also very simple with the approach that we have been following; You may have a look at the ESB Extending Guide and the Configuration Guide. JBI BCs are analogous to the transports in WSO2 ESB and the SUs are analogous to the Mediators and tasks.