Do more with Functional Testing–Take the Next Evolutionary Step


News: Do more with Functional Testing–Take the Next Evolutionary Step

  1. Functional Testing has always been an activity done by Test Engineers using Functional Testing tools like QTP from HP/Mercury, SilkTest from Borland/Segue, Functional Tester from IBM/Rational, … But time is changing – so is Functional Testing – and the things you can do with it. In this article I talk about The Past – Functional Testing done by Testers The Present – More and More Functional Testing done by Developers with the help of Frameworks The Future - Extend Functional Testing with Transactional Tracing to improve Root Cause Analysis and Automate Architecture Validation Read more at
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  7. Hello, I agree that more and more functional testing can be/is being automated, but there are a lot of things that are very difficult to automate and will always require manual testing by actual testers. Regards, Dennis Tools for Software Teams Java Debugging, Test Management Software
  8. Thats correct - 100% automation is hard to achieve. But - with advancing testing frameworks/tools and by architecting applications for testing you can achieve a higher level of testability. The key argument of my post however is that you can do much more than just verifying the functionality of the software you are testing. Performance Regression and especially Architecture Validation are two aspects that you can get almost "for free" with your existing functional tests Cheers