IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale v7.0 Development AMI released on Amazon EC2


News: IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale v7.0 Development AMI released on Amazon EC2

  1. WebSphere eXtreme Scale v7.0 release includes many enhancements that are designed for better performance and ease of use. The new features provide improved memory density, query optimization and simplification, and simplification in building multi-tenant applications. Additionally, support for WebSphere Real Time, IBM’s real-time Java™ offering, has been added for more consistent and predictable response times. WebSphere eXtreme Scale v7.0 facilitates monitoring your in-memory data grid with metric access adapters that integrate with IBM Tivoli Monitoring and Hyperic HQ. It also allows for “drop-in? caching for applications running on WebSphere Application Server making it simple to take advantage of WebSphere eXtreme Scale’s highly available, distributed in-memory cache. Another usability improvement is the automated handling of common retry and exception logic to assist in application development. The WebSphere eXtreme Scale AMI provides Amazon EC2 users with a fully configured platform for building powerful Extreme Transaction Processing (XTP) applications. Additional Resources: * Learn more about WebSphere eXtreme Scale V7.0 * Watch discussion on new features on WebSphere eXtreme Scale V7.0 * Follow WebSphereXTP@Twitter for additional updates.
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    Since it's a v7.0 and I never heard the product name before, I was looking for the changelog. Here the result: Since nothing has been removed and much more has been added, I guess we need 1 tera just for startup. Guido
  3. There are two types of processes for WebSphere eXtreme Scale, a catalog server and a container server. Both types only need a few MB's for the grid to start up (< 20 Mb). The container servers host the data so their memory should be increased appropriately for the desired grid size.
  4. JMX based monitoring is pretty useless in resolving incidents & problems with such platforms that seem to a breeding ground for the most challenging (and to me most interesting) performance and reliability issues both in terms of application behavior interaction and deployment cache topology due to the lack of experience and clear guidelines surrounding such products. When everything is working fine this technology (and other similar ones) is wonderful with JMX sufficient for very basic health monitoring needs. Once things go wrong, the complex nature and scale of such deployments is life threatening to the application (and the team put in charge to manage it). The problem is that any monitoring data expose is not directly associable to the application/user activity that is meaningful to those charges with problem resolution. Such important infrastructure components should be metered (at the point of interaction by a thread) and not monitored.
  5. ... should be metered and not *** just **** monitored
  6. The additional monitoring added in v7.0 was intended for better observation of the grid environment and as a warning of potential issues. It was not designed for full problem determination of the sophisticated environment. Please see the Troubleshooting section in the InfoCenter for more information
  7. Performance is managed by continuously collecting & analyzing the context of varying workload patterns and execution behaviors. JMX and most legacy performance management solutions assume very little changes across the execution dimensions and management domains of an application or system. Which seems to run counter to this being an actual "cloud" or "grid" related announcement. If this has anything to do with cloud computing I would at least expect the software service to be metered and not just by way of Amazons coarse grain (and non-contextual) billing.
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