Free pass to TheServerSide Java Symposium-Europe!


News: Free pass to TheServerSide Java Symposium-Europe!

  1. Dear community, Registration is open for TheServerSide Java Symposium-Europe, taking place 27-28 October in Prague, Czech Republic. We’d like to raffle off one FREE pass as a special thank you for visiting the site and participating at About a year or so ago we starting raffling off a free pass to each Java Symposium, and we think it’s a nice tradition to continue. Here’s the scoop: The free pass raffle will be open for the next 2 weeks. The winner will be notified and announced on Friday, August 21. Sign up here to enter the raffle Thanks and we hope you can make it out to TSSJS-Europe! team Speakers already confirmed to present: Tim Berglund, Author of Deploying Grails: Practices of Agile Database Development and Test First, Refresh Second: Test-Driven Web Development in Grails 1.1 Matt Brasier, Principal Consultant, C2B2 Consulting Limited: Real Life Java EE Performance Tuning Eugene Ciurana, Author, Developing with Google App Engine and more; Contributor, Mission Critical Enterprise/Cloud Applications Case Study and Mule and Hadoop Integration Case Study Mario Fusco, Lead Developer, LambdaJ and Jamme open source projects: No More Loops with LambdaJ Michael Gerlinger, Lecturer, Stuttgart Media University and Cooperative State University Stuttgart: A Self Scaling Distribution Platform for OSGi-based Applications Oliver Gierke, Project Lead, Hades: Easing JPA DAO Development with Hades Rob Harrop, Lead Engineer, SpringSource dm Server; Author, OSGi Web Container reference implementation: Modular Web Applications with OSGi Kees Jan Koster, Creator, Java-monitor: A Year of Monitoring with Java-monitor Andrew Lombardi, Contributor, Apache Wicket: Rapid Application Development with Apache Wicket Ross Mason, CTO, MuleSource: Building Applications Across the Enterprise and in the Cloud with Mule 3.0 and To ESB or not to ESB, That is the Question Matthew McCullough, Co-founder, Ambient Ideas, LLC; Member, JCP: Open Source Debugging Tools: The 10 Tool Boot Camp Václav Pech, Senior Software Developer, JetBrains: Everyday Static Code Analysis and TeamCity - Continuous Integration, Build Management, and Avoiding Broken Builds Kirk Pepperdine, Java Performance Tuning expert: Hunting Memory Leaks and Just Tune It (Fireside Chat) Reza Rahman, Author, EJB 3 in Action; Member, Java EE 6 and EJB 3.1 expert groups: EJB 3.1: A Preview and Integrating EJB 3 and Spring Andreas Reiss, Professional Service Consultant, CA|Wily: The Efficiency Behind BPE in the “Real Time? World Peter Rodgers, Co-architect, NetKernel: Rapid Distributed System Development with NetKernel Gert Vanthienen, Committer, Apache ServiceMix: Apache ServiceMix 4 – Make the Container Match the Project We’re busy finalizing even more sessions! Visit now to save $200 through the end of August!
  2. free air tickets to venue would also great in this time recession ;-)
  3. Try to follow me here: - This message has been posted on August 12. - It says "The free pass raffle will be open for the next 2 weeks." - And the winner will be notified on August 21. uhm... August 12 + 2 * 7 days = August 26 > August 21