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      i have defined my home, remote, bean interface/class in
    com.sundar.EJB package. Its getting compiled and i have created the jar file. when i run java.weblogic.ejbc, its giving an error saying com.sundar.EJB.Myhome(home interface)
    not found.

    i my xml i have given package name.home interface name. then what will be the error. Is it a classpath problem?. if so what should be the classpath i give inorder to run ejbc.


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      which version of weblogic are you using? If you are using
    version 6.o then try the following.
                     Suppose if your home interface is located in c:\com\sundar\xyHome.java , then in your classpath environment set classpath to your com\sundar\xyHome.java.
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    i m using weblogic 5.1, i m still unable to solve the problem

    guys help me out

  4. Hi sundar,

    I think you created the jar from the directory where the class files are. You should create the jar from the directory where you root com directory is present.

    Try this.