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    I am a keen user of sun java products and been working on this area since the last 2 yrs.But since the recent crash in IT market.I am a bit worried about the pace sun java are developing their products.
    I have been studying the product called "digital dashboard" and "web tools" that microsoft has discovered .really it is wonderful where we can personalize the web page as drag and drop tools of web components ie mail,news,headlines,stocks etc. any where we can.
    These web components can be either any xml doc,jsp or asp pages.
    Now My question for all java guys is there any similar products from sun 'cause I don't want to change my platform from java to micrsoft base....?
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  2. Hmmm, I don't think the question is really all that relevant to this site - the MS digital dashboard is a client-side information presentation solution. I don't know why you seem focussed on sticking to 'Sun' products - just use whatever you like, and is best for the job (which sometimes, unfortunately, includes MS products ;P ) Lotus has released a similar solution for their Notes product.
  3. well i personally feel that we must not propagate the race between two here !! they are having enough time for that !!
    sure sun is going to run in the big shops across the world.