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    TouchFaces is a new subproject of PrimeFaces targeting the mobile devices mainly iphone. Applications created with TouchFaces have the native look and feel of an IPhone applications and still benefit from the Java/JSF infrastructure. In addition TouchFaces depends on the PrimeFaces UI so ajax is built-in. There's a 10 minute getting started screencast available online.
  2. If this indeed works as advertised it can be a really cool thing! I'm going to check this out soon :)
  3. Wow thanks for the great article. I am highly interested in application development on iPhones. TouchFaces gives us the great opportunity to try something new in application development based on Java/JSF. Oh and thanks for this amazing screencast, it will definitely help me. I will be keeping an eye on your blog and waiting for other great articles to appear in the nearest future. Sincerely, Kevin Tickson from iphone development
  4. Here is a tutorial for iPhone development that uses the Trinidad JSF components: http://www.oracle.com/technology/pub/articles/huang-iphone.html
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    Small issue. This is a webapplication not a Iphone application. And i see no reason to get all fired up about a new webapplication framework, when there are so many alternatives already out there in the field which can do the same.
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    Initial demos are deployed online so you can check them out with your iphone. A sample language translator app is added.