Introducing Geroa: Java mail client and server library


News: Introducing Geroa: Java mail client and server library

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    Given the enthusiasm generated by Dinuka's Spring Java mail wrapper I thought now was a good time to announce my little java mail project. Geroa is an open source java library which allows developers to add email server functionality to their web apps. It supports receiving emails from other email servers (SMTP), sending emails from email clients (MTA) and email browsing via POP. For example, a CMS could use it to allow received emails to be stored within the CMS repository. Or you could easily build an email groups application which stores emails in a relational database. Geroa is designed to be standalone, but easily integrated with Milton to provide a full collaboration server protocol stack of Webdav, FTP, SMTP and POP. Geroa explicitly supports text and html content, with attachments and inline images. It's API makes it easy to parse and persist received SMTP messages and to construct and send messages with combined media. The Quick Start page has some sample code demonstrating how to use it. Geroa uses SubethaSMTP for receiving emails, and can use Aspirin for sending independently, or it can be configured to use a remote SMTP server (useful if you want to deploy in EC2). Enjoy!
  2. Congratulations... SN jsptube
  3. This is great. Will definitely check this out... Thx for sharing...
  4. Cool, I'd love to hear what you think. Note that Geroa hasnt been tested under heavy load yet. It should be ok but test it before you trust it. Cheers, Brad