Eclipse Plugin 1.0 for Vaadin released


News: Eclipse Plugin 1.0 for Vaadin released

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    Vaadin is an open source framework for building web application user interfaces in Java. It allows building really "rich" application GUI:s with nothing but server-side Java code. No HTML, JavaScript, browser plugins or client-side code is required. For some examples, see An Eclipse plugin has been available for a long time, but its feature set and maturity has now reached 1.0. The eclipse plugin includes numerous features - Building Servlet based apps - Building Portlets - Preparing applications for Google App Engine deployment applications - Building new Vaadin widgets with integrated Google Web Toolkit - Creating new CSS themes - Integrated book about Vaadin - Composing new user interface components with the WYSIWYG UI editor (which is still on experimental "alpha" level) Read install instructions for the free plugin here.

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    Surely 1.0 indicates a stable version, and not alpha?