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    Mike is a new hosted continuous integration (CI) service. Initially targeted at Java Development teams, Mike enables small teams to quickly and easily implement CI. Mike currently supports Ant-based builds or you can add your Eclipse dynamic web project and Mike will create a build for you. Maven2, Ivy and .Net support is coming soon. We are running a limited private beta from now until the end of November. If you want to learn more or sign up please come visit us at

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    ...but I will be pleasantly surprised if they can pull it off. Our tests can get very memory intensive. The problem with hosted CI is both that it requires lots of RAM and CPU, but also it usually requires external resources, like a database. Our Maven builds run integration tests which hit (Oracle, MySQL, various web services, etc, depending on the project). We'd also like to integrate selenium into our CI builds as well. In order to replace our Hudson server, they'd need to be a JEE host, an Oracle Host, a MySQL host, a selenium RC server, etc. I assume we're not that unique. However, I hope they pull it off as CI is a very good thing to have and anything that can further it's adoption is only a good thing.
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    Thanks for the reply Steve. It's good to have a discussion about these things. You definitely raise some good points. Currently Mike supports Ant builds and can generate builds from an Eclipse dynamic web project ( more info on currently supported features: ). Maven2 support is something we have been working on and will be rolled into Mike soon. We would also hope that the private beta can help us understand the features people are looking for next, such as database support, container support etc. ( all stuff we have been thinking about ). One of the reasons for us creating Mike is that we want people to be able to adopt CI easily, like you say it is a very good thing to have, and we believe we can help people along with it, which can only be a good thing.