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    The MyEclipse IDE adds support for a Internet Explorer debugger and VisualVM Java Profiler, WTP projects, and Struts 2.With the Internet Explorer debugger developers will not have to pull an application down to make bug fixes or enhancements. Another enhancement to MyEclipse 8.0 is the inclusion of WTP project support. Many companies are standardized on the WTP project structure, and now those corporations can develop persistence, business logic, presentation layers and more by having full access to MyEclipse technologies – all while maintaining corporate standards. Includes improvements to the Struts 2 extensible framework, which is used for creating enterprise-ready Java web applications. Created by the Apache Foundation, this framework is designed to streamline the full development cycle, from building, to deploying, to maintaining applications over time. And our engineers made enhancements to UML 2, the popular modeling technology demanded by MyEclipse users. MyEclipse 8.0 also has updates to enhance custom server configuration, allowing users to customize their server deployments in a more transparent manner. For MyEclipse Blue users, improvements have made for IBM WebSphere deployment, with a new “enhanced? mode that will more robustly support WebSphere projects. Message was edited by:
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    I see the MyEclipse 8.0 New and Noteworthy and downloads available now too.