ICEfaces EE introduces high-availability Ajax Push


News: ICEfaces EE introduces high-availability Ajax Push

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    ICEsoft has released ICEfaces EE (Enterprise Edition) 1.8.2GA. Among a whole slew of value-added features included in this new commercial edition of the popular ICEfaces open-source framework is the Enterprise Push Server (EPS). One of the core capabilities that EPS provides is deployment of ICEfaces push applications into failover clustered environments. If the server-node hosting the user-session fails, it seamlessly fails-over to another node, including the Ajax Push features in-progress push updates. So far as we are aware, this is an industry first and represents a material advancement in the state-of-the-art for Ajax Push. Steve Maryka (CTO at ICEsoft) has a blog entry that describes some of the technical aspects of this in more detail. Message was edited by: [email protected]
  2. Active Data Services (ADS) in Oracle ADF Faces Rich Client has this too. Please see: Anyway, providing this level of abstraction in my opinion is the way to go to gain developer productivity Frank
  3. Ah! Icefaces is so greedy to charge license now. Is tech support income not enough for them? The Icefaces open source version is crap. Like Frank suggested, Oracle ADF is a good choice. And, it's free. Jboss Richfaces is also one of good alternatives.
  4. Uh, I don't know what you missed, but if a company has a commercial offering, it doesn't mean that all of their products are no longer open source. The primary version of ICEfaces hasn't changed. The value added EE features weren't available previously in the open source versions. --- Kito D. Mann | twitter: kito99 | Author, JSF in Action Virtua, Inc. | | JSF/Java EE training and consulting - JavaServer Faces FAQ, news, and info | twitter: jsfcentral +1 203-404-4848 x3 Sign up for the JSFCentral newsletter:
  5. The big concern is whether the progress of their open source version will be in much low priority on purpose. After all Icefaces needs to make money on their EE commercial version.