hi.. i get the following string as output when accessing elements of collection returned by the finder method in entity bean. output = IOR:000000000000001e524d493a537570706c6965723a30303030303030303030303030303030000000000000010000000000000190000102000000000d3130.....and more the finder code is public Collection ejbFindByProdType(String prodType) throws FinderException { ArrayList a=new ArrayList(); try{ makeConnection(); String query="select mfID from mf_info where prodType='"+prodType+"'"; Statement st=cn.createStatement(); ResultSet rs=st.executeQuery(query); while(rs.next()) { String id=rs.getString("mfID"); a.add(id); } st.close(); releaseConnection(); } catch(Exception e) { throw new EJBException("ejbFindByName: "+e.getMessage()); } return a; }