Requirements Specification It is often required to display the text vertically in the normal report; web report will be of course no exception. By default, cell contents in RAQ Report is displayed horizontally, how to implement vertical arrangement of cell content? Here are two manufacture methods. 1. Width Limit and Wrap Text Though train of thought: center the cell contents, and set the cell width to make each row wide enough to hold one character only, then check the Wrap Text attribute, thus displaying the cell contents vertically can be achieved. Create a blank report, create a Builtin dataset. Then input into the cells: A1: ID A2:NAME B2:=ds1. Degree_Name Delete the useless cells. Set the Expanding Mode of B1 as "Horizontal". Now the report is finished, browse the report, the contents of the report are horizontally displayed. Next, add the vertical display function Set the Width of Column A and B to 4.0, this makes each column wide enough to hold one character only. Concrete width should be calculated according to the font size in practical applications. Check “Wrap Text? attribute of A1, A2, B2, thus only one character can be displayed in each row. After configurations, release the report and view the report in IE Browser. 2. Indent and Wrap Text The first method is to set the column width small enough to make it can contain only one character in each row; If increasing the column width, the effect shown in the above figure will never appear. How to implement one character per row without changing the column width. Though train of thought: Align cell contents centered, adjust the indent of the cell, check "Wrap Text" attribute, and displaying cell contents vertically can be realized in the relatively wide column. This manufacture method is basically the same as the method above, now based on the report created before, set the column width to 25.0, and set the Intend of B2 to 10.0. Save the report after setting, then view the report in IE browser. The effects of the above two method show a sharp contrast: using the first method, the column width can not be increased, while using the second method, the column width can be adjusted. When facing similar requirement in the future, we can implement it through the above methods.