Those of us programming on the .NET framework have come to realize the power and increased productivity that comes with it, says Dr. Venkat Submramaniam. Like any development, however, there are things that one should pay attention to while programming on .NET. Are there things in .NET that, if we do not pay attention to, may result in more trouble than it is worth? Learn all there is to know in a FREE video workshop conducted by Dr. Venkat Subramaniam. In the workshop recorded at Saltmarch Media's Great Indian Developer Summit, Venkat presents Gotchas that a developer needs to know to be productive in the .NET framework. The issues addressed include framework, language, language interoperability, COM interoperability. Most Gotchas are language independent while a few are C# or VB.NET specific. To view the workshop, visit Dr. Venkat Subramaniam will be at Great Indian Developer Summit 2010 to conduct focused conference sessions, a keynote and a workshop on topics ranging from F# and .NET CLR, effective Java, testing with dependencies, design patterns in Groovy and Java, Java Generics in version 1.5, functional programming to pointy haired bosses and pragmatic programmers. The summit will be held 20-23 April 2010 at the IISc in Bangalore. For details see