I would like to know how the container manages the life cycle of SLSB in 3.0, specifically when the bean is released back to the pool if at all?
Based on MasteringEJB 4th edition,
"After each method call, the container may choose to destroy a stateless session bean, or recreate it, -----. It may also choose to keep your instance around,perhaps reusing it for all the clients who want to use the same session bean class"

So if the Container is providing pooling, then I think the bean is being returned to the pool at the end of each method call(either returning normally or via an exception) -- the exact method may be in one of it's post interceptor methods --- Is this correct?

Also as in EJB 2.x, since EJB 3.0 does not have any EJB object (the container may, but it is a implementation concept) -- the client does not need to explicitly call the remove on it??