Will Microsoft use SharePoint/Office 2010 to Own the Cloud?


News: Will Microsoft use SharePoint/Office 2010 to Own the Cloud?

  1. The entire article as at The Huffington Post. What follows are some of the key items.

    "Is SharePoint 2010 and Office Microsoft's nefarious plan to take over and own the cloud?" Jeff's response, after laughing, was "I would never say it that way." He then talked about how like Office, SharePoint is a game changer by taking what up to now has only been available as a disparate set of apps and offering them as a fully integrated suite. And the cloud makes it possible for Microsoft to reach a lot more people a lot more quickly with the latest version of the software. He then added "the cloud will be the next engine of Microsoft's customer growth." He also added that Gartner has now ranked SharePoint ahead of Documentum.

    I then asked about how this will compete with Google Docs. Jeff's answer was interesting because he dove into the bigger question of Microsoft competing with free. He feels very comfortable that when companies weigh out the full costs of various approaches, that the combination of Office and SharePoint will easily be selected.

    My next question was "what will be in SharePoint 2015?" Jeff replied that while he can't speak specifically yet (clearly they haven't decided yet), there will be two big things. The first is the cloud will be the primary form of delivery by then. The second is that SharePoint is the only product that brings together Business Intelligence and search, but what they have is still in its infancy. Microsoft will create a lot more functionality in this area. Jeff referenced both FAST search (which is damn good) and the Excel PowerPivot where you can have million row spreadsheets (which is absolutely incredible). One example Jeff cited is he thinks this will significantly help cross-disciplinary research with the combination of search tied to B.I along with the social media.

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    Jeffs deluding himself

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    Have you used SharePoint 2010? It's really impressive.

  5. Jeffs deluding himself[ Go to top ]

    Is is not Sharepoint? They'd have to totally redo it for it to be impressive.