Ajax + Mobile with ZK: Version 5.0.2 Released Today


News: Ajax + Mobile with ZK: Version 5.0.2 Released Today

  1. ZK have announced the release of version 5.0.2. ZK 5.0.2 is a maintenance release introducing 12 new requested features and 71 bug fixes. 

    In addition to ZK 5’s feature set ZK 5.0.2 includes new features such as:

    Auto pageSizing

    Enhanced jQuery selectors 

    Tracking Ajax requests with Google Analytics

    A simple implementation of the FileuploadDialog 

    Defer rendering of client widgets

    For a complete list of new features please take a look here.

    Download & other resources

    Download ZK 5.0.2

    ZK 5.0.2 release notes

  2. Great and Thanks.[ Go to top ]

    I really appreciate the function that allows me to control the widgets at both the client and the server. It is the only one I ever know, and the interoperation is seamlessly. The only issue is the documentation; good news is there are more articles covering it.


  3. Thank you to the ZK Team. They always think one step ahead:)

    It's always a trouble to track the web traffic after introducing Ajax. Really appreciate this web tracking feature in Ajax. On the other other hand, is ZK SEO friendly?


  4. Hey Fabrice,


    Yes you can do that, the feature needs to enabled in your ZK settings. You can take a look here for details.