Bonita 5.2 released: Java based Open Source BPM solution


News: Bonita 5.2 released: Java based Open Source BPM solution

  1. Bonita Open Solution is an intuitive and powerful solution to build process based applications. The solution is composed by a BPMN2-based visual process modeler, a lightweight execution engine, and an administration console user experience inspired by email client interface:

    Bonita Open Solution 5.2 version comes with an impressive set of new features:

    • BPMN2 and JPDL import modules
    • Native connectivity to Jboss Drools, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange and SAP,
    • Additional BPMN2 features: intermediate events, conditional flow, links, loops, default sequence flow, send and receive tasks, send and receive scripts and services…
    • “A la carte? export wizard to deploy Bonita Engine as well as your BPM applications on your favorite server (Jetty, Tomcat, Jboss, Weblogic…) and using your favorite infrastructure (custom server and public or private Cloud)
    • Improved User Experience: comments in tasks and cases, task priorities updates, BPM applications templates, data grid widget, javascript support in web forms…
    • and more

    A set of 10 videos illustrating new features included in this release are available at BonitaSoft Tv

    Bonita Open Solution 5.2 is licensed under GPLv2 and can be download here

    and remember... have fun with Bonita!

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    Can you please share some tech details or white papers /case studies on this?

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    Sure, please find hereafter a couple of them:

    - Quick Start Tutorial

    - Reference Guide

    - Bonita Open Solution for Java developers: The trilogy

    - Independent Review of Bonita Open Solution by BPM Redux

    - Bonita Open Solution Howto's

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    Based on description of product, it's very impressive. What's the license model? Is it based on GPL or LGPL or What?

    Also, how is this product different from Activiti launched by Alfresco as next generation BPM engine based on BPMN 2.0. It will be helpful to know how your product is different from the above.

    Thanks - Raj

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    Hi Raj,

    Bonita Open Solution is distributed under GPL v2 license. The Bonita Engine is available under LGPL license to easily be embedded in your custom application development.

    Other open source solutions are far away from what Bonita Open Solution is providing. The solution is a clear alternative to proprietary BPM solutions in the market and includes advanced capabilities such a web forms designer, a connectivity framework with +100 native connectors to other solutions (ECM, DBs, ETL, ERPs, Portals, ESBs, BI...), web applications generation, BI and BAM... and of course basic capabilities such a BPMN2 support, graphical business process definition, a BPM portal or a lightweight BPM Engine.  

    The solution can be used as a standalone BPM product or in any custom application development, including applications developments in other languages than Java. Bonita Open Solution based applications run in a lightweight server (Tomcat, Jetty), in an application server (Jboss, Weblogic...) and in the cloud.