Ajax + Mobile with ZK: Version 5.0.4 Released Today


News: Ajax + Mobile with ZK: Version 5.0.4 Released Today

  1. ZK have announced the release of version 5.0.4 focusing on memory improvements and introducing requested new features. In this release there are have been numerous memory optimizations which can decrease the memory usage of your application by approximately 40-79%.

    Including the memory optimizations this release introduces 33 new features and 74 bug fixes. New features include:

    • New layout mechanism
    • Enhanced Slider
    • Enhanced Calendar
    • Dynamic widget templates
    • JavaScript optimization techniques

    For more details on the new features please click here.


    Download & other resources

    Download ZK 5.0.4

    ZK 5.0.4 release notes


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  2. Congratulations[ Go to top ]

    It is always right directions when an framework works over memory improvements, principally related to client side. Today machine response very well to needs to server side. here in africa (Mozambique), our internet are very slow, so having client side request improved is the best thing to us.

    Regards, keep it up,