Gearing Up for JavaOne: How Will This Year Be Different?


News: Gearing Up for JavaOne: How Will This Year Be Different?

  1. Everyone is gearing up for JavaOne 2010, and in anticipation of the event, TheServerSide got a chance to chat with habitual presenter, Eugene Ciurana, about how attendees can make the most out of the conference.

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    One of the big questions everyone is asking is "How will 2010 be different?" I'm guessing James Gosling won't be there. I certainly couldn't find his name on the list of keynote speakers.

    Of course, we've got JavaOne, which is a 'nuts and bolts' type of developer conference, melding together with Oracle's OpenWorld, which is a conference that has a much wider appeal to various people in the IT world. That's a pretty big change, and it'll be interesting to see how the conference brings these two groups together.

    And as we all know, a little company called Google won't be there. That's noteworthy in and of itself.

    Larry does a keynote on Sunday night. A Sunday night keynote? Hmmm... Still, unlike many more conservative keynote speakers, Larry is apt to say just about anything. Maybe Larry's words on Sunday will keep the attendees at the conference buzzing all week.

    One thing Eugene says in his interview is that we should stay positive. That's a good point. There's been far too much negativity surrounding the Java flatform in the last year or so. JavaOne is about celebrating Java and the things we accomplish by using it. It's not a bad suggestion to stay positive, and keep the criticisms constructive.

    So...How will JavaOne 2010 be different than past years?

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  2. Not happy[ Go to top ]

    I called Oracle to verify that JavaONE was at the Moscone, they said, "Yeah, of course." So I booked a room across the street.

    Turns out Oracle has the Moscone (for the most part), and JavaONE is relagated to the Hilton and some other hotel. I haven't bothered to pre-register for any sessions, I am guessing I will have no problem finding a spot. I hope I am pleasantly surprised when I get there, but I am not keeping my hopes up.

  3. Don't worry .. be happy[ Go to top ]

    I'm not sure the reasoning behind having the JavaOne and OpenWorld conferences at the same time; perhaps the Moscone wasn't available for any other time? Or perhaps no one thought that two conferences that each use up all of the San Francisco hotel rooms should both be booked at the same time!

    From what I've heard, the pre-registration attendence is pretty high, but I don't know if that's because of the large number of people at OpenWorld that may want to attend Java sessions etc., or if JavaOne is pulling in that many people. I would have assumed with the slower economy that it would have been a smaller show, but hotel availability (closest available is at the airport now!) says otherwise.

    At any rate, I'm glad there's a JavaOne; I was afraid it would be dropped completely. Oracle needs more developer focus, and it needs to continue to grow the parner ecosystem that Sun cultivated so successfully. I'm hoping that this JavaOne will be a good start for both of those.


    Cameron Purdy | Oracle Coherence

  4. Did You Say Hotel?[ Go to top ]

    That hotel by the airport is $279 a night. I'm finding that it's actually cheaper to fly home to Toronto and back to San Fran every morning than to stay at any hotel that's even close to the conference.

    If nothing else, combining the two conferences will really give it a festival feeling, with so many attendees, and surely a strong Oracle presence will meter the the uncertainly that we can expect from the Java community.

  5. One of the big questions everyone is asking is "How will 2010 be different?" I'm guessing James Gosling won't be there. 

    Well Gosling will be there at Devoxx (