Generating JUnit Test Results as HTML Report


News: Generating JUnit Test Results as HTML Report

  1. Generating JUnit Test Results as HTML Report (3 messages)

    If you use build tools like confluence etc, they generate the html report for you but if want to see the out put as beautiful html output, keep reading below.

    This Junit tutorial is structured as follows

    • Introduction
      • About Unit testing tools
      • About JUnit
      • Generating HTML reports in JUnit

    Generating JUnit Test Results as HTML Report

  2. The suggestion of InfoPath was a surprising twist.

    As one commenter noted, there are several free, proven, solutions to the same problem. Maven and Ant include tasks/goals for this out-of-the-box. I don't recall exactly, but I thought that eclipse had an html export feature from the junit results view; I mention this because the generated comments in the examples remind me of code generated by eclipse.

    It occurs to me while reading the article that I wouldn't be able to follow a large chunk of the examples on the mac I'm using to read it. Maybe I'll try it out when I fire up Windows with Office/InfoPath tomorrow.

    I wonder how this might tie into a TFS workflow?

  3. Joe

    Might sound dumb, but what is TFS workflow ?

  4. TFS := Team Foundation Server

    This is Microsoft's latest application lifecycle management server: version control, build, testing, requirements, tasks; all wrapped into one server environment. You can extend the environment's built-in workflows by hooking into certain events, such as generating reports after running some tests.