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    I'm considering my options for reporting functionality in a J2EE project. More specifically, I'm hoping to use J2EE on the project, and it needs reporting functionality.

    Part of the problem stems from the fact that I've not yet seen a good solution for reporting on any web platform. It may well exist, but I haven't seen one yet.

    So let's start with the general questions first: I need the ability to build reports from data. The formatting has to be pretty solid, including the ability to make use of appropriate fonts and page breaks. Further, I'll likely need to do some batch reporting, so it has to be able to generate, say, a few hundred pages of reports, with formatting, in a reasonable time frame.

    It's not vital that the reports be printed from the client machine (as opposed to the server(s)), but that would be preferable, for flexibility. At the very least, the person initiating the reporting should be able to choose an appropriate network printer.

    Of course it would be nice if the reports were relatively easy to build; I would prefer not to have to write a ton of source to gather and format data. I'd prefer not to have to write any, really.

    First of all, what are the thoughts and solutions on this general problem space? What tools can I make use of to really do this kind of thing well in a web application space.

    Secondly, considering that I'd prefer to make use of J2EE, what are some of my options for integration with J2EE. It would be nice if the reporting software could integrate with the object model rather than the database, so that I could re-use business logic. Not necessarily critical, but definitely a nice-to-have feature.

    Thanks in advance,

      - Geoffrey
  2. You might try Style Report from INETSOFT. WWW.INETSOFTCORP.COM. They offer a servlet based reporting tool/engine. It has drill down functionality, export capabilities, e.g. cvs ect, and pdf capabilities. The API is very easy to learn if you are proficient in Java.