Spring framework provides remoting support for web services via JAX–WS, in fact, as stated in Spring reference documentation, there are three ways of exposing Spring POJO services as a JAX–WS web services :

  1. Exposing Servlet – based web services (suitable for Java EE 5 environments)
  2. Exporting standalone web services (suitable when utilizing Sun's JDK 1.6 build–in JAX–WS provider)
  3. Exporting web services using the JAX–WS RI's Spring support (similar to the standalone approach, but this time in a Servlet environment. Suitable for non – Java EE environments such as Tomcat, embedding the JAX–WS RI as part of the web application)

Selecting one of the three approaches mentioned above depends mainly on your execution environment. Having said that, we will show you how to setup and expose a simple Spring service using all of the above approaches.


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