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    Every startup has a story. Windward's is more unusual than most. It started with cancer, led to a revolutionary approach to reporting, and is presently a sizable software company that never required venture or angel funding.

    The Doctor looked at the bump on my neck and said "it's nothing, but we'll do a biopsy just to be safe." And the result was - cancer. I had stage IV squamous cancer that had started in the tonsil and spread through part of my neck. My odds were good, but... what matters is where the data point named David Thielen falls on those odds. It's very disquieting to realize that I can do everything, absolutely everything, and still end up dead.

    So how do they treat squamous cancer? Basically they almost kill you at the cellular level. Every cell is severely wounded. And the cancerous cells are killed in the process because they are killed by treatment that only (interesting word only) seriously hurts the healthy cells. And they also apply radiation to the throat area. That so injured my throat that for 6 weeks I was fed via a tube permanently tied into a vein in my chest. My wife and youngest daughter mixed up the feedbag twice a day and plugged it in to me - good times.

    Now here's the part they don't tell you (and it's a good thing they don't). The day the treatment is over, a week after treatment is over, a month after treatment is over - you are still half dead. But slowly, ever so slowly, you start to regain energy. And that led to a major problem. I wanted to work again. I was going nuts not working. But what company is going to hire someone who says "I now have enough energy to put in a good 3½ hours/day of effort?" Not gonna to happen.

    So I decided I needed to write a program to keep busy as I regained my strength. So I thought back to an idea I had had several years earlier...

    Continued at Windward Reports - In the beginning...

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    Remarkable and uplifting. 


    Thanks for sharing,


    Nikita Ivanov. 

    GridGain Systems.

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    Thank you for your nice comment.

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    Good luck for you, your family and your company.

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    Great story David, really inspiring.

    Keep up the good work!