Is anyone using Eclipse Marketplace?


News: Is anyone using Eclipse Marketplace?

  1. Is anyone using Eclipse Marketplace? (5 messages)

    Starting with Eclipse Helios (3.6), released June 2010 Eclipse Foundation includes their take on the AppStore -- Eclipse Marketplace (EMP). But although I've been using Eclipse Helios every day since summer, I haven't even noticed the EMP and installed all plugins the old-fashioned way.

    The main reason for this is that I'm a long-time Eclipse user and for the longest time the installation and update of plugins was such an excruciating process, that the easiest thing to do was to just drop them into the plugins folder and hope for the best.

    To my surprise I discovered that it has changed with Eclipse Helios. We decided to release the new major version of JRebel, coincidentally also 3.6, to the Eclipse Marketplace; so I went through a flurry of installing it, uninstalling it, updating and generally stress-testing the Eclipse Plugin Manager.

    I'm happy to say that it works nicely and suggest to take a moment and hit the Help -> Eclipse Marketplace to have instant access to hundreds of rated plugins. Considering that the highest number of downloads is only 5701, it seems like the Marketplace doesn't get the attention it deserves, what's do you think?


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  2. Very handy[ Go to top ]

    I use it all the time. It's extremely convenient, fast and easy. No more searching update sites or resolving compatibility issues. I use only Yoxos market, since I believe it hosts a lot more plugins and features than Eclipse market.

  3. A move forward, for sure. I too have gambled with that darn plugins folder with a modicum of both success and failure. The last time I installed NetBeans I was impressed how easily additions were added on. It's nice to think that things are equally as sweet for Eclipse as well.

  4. I don't use JRebel (that's one for the small update count), but as soon as I configure a new Eclipse installation I use Marketplace for some common plugins (M2Eclipse, Subversive, Checkstyle, Findbugs, JBoss Tools, just to name a few) and then grumbling start to install other stuff not in the marketplace.

    So yeah I use and like it. And it would make me a happier JRebel user, if I'd actually would use it.
  5. When talking about the number of downloads, I meant the number of downloads that the TOP downloaded plugin has (particularly, it's Subclipse, And now you can install JRebel from the Marketplace as well, so wish granted :)

  6. Step in the right direction[ Go to top ]

    Took a bit of a look at this and the idea seems good, but it's still a bit clunky compared to IntellJ. Nice step in the right direction though and can't complain too much for the price tag!