Working with ActiveMQ – Tips from TSSJS presenter Jeff Genender


News: Working with ActiveMQ – Tips from TSSJS presenter Jeff Genender

  1. ActiveMQ is one of the most popular open source JMS containers available today. At the TSSJS this March in Las Vegas, architect Jeff Genender will discuss architecture issues in implementing the ActiveMQ message broker in enterprises, including common pain-points, architecture vs tuning concerns , and implementation tips.

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    What are the most typical problems with ActiveMQ that you’ll be addressing in your presentation at TheServerSide Java Symposium?

    Genender: The most common is the container appears to seize up and you need to restart. People try to tweak the memory and JVM parameters, but that usually won’t fix it. That’s one of the biggest areas – people don’t think ActiveMQ is stable and they’ll have to reboot it. The same thing with queues, why do you get a stuck queue and you can’t write to it anymore? We’ll talk about how to fix that. Seizing has to do with tuning parameters. We’ll talk about how to set up ActiveMQ and memory configurations within the MQ configuration files.

    The other common problem is architecture, so they’ll be some points on how to properly utilize ActiveMQ. You don’t’ want to use it as a message store, when it’s really an event engine, so [we’ll address] how to properly set up producers and consumers so you’ve got a proper flow going through systems. There are some architectural things people need to think about in going through the development process.

    Jeff Genender on working with ActiveMQ

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