OSGi updates Java bundling spec


News: OSGi updates Java bundling spec

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    The OSGi component framework has evolved over many years, expanding from an embedded systems standard to finally encompass Java enterprise servers. With last year's formal roll-out of OSGi Enterprise Specification Release 4, Version 4.2, it has found wider use. At the same time, OSGi has retained a reputation as a complex technology, more for systems programmers than mainstream application developers.

    In the next OSGi rev, a former composite bundle model has been replaced by a resolver hook mode. A possible easier alternative or adjunct to OSGi modularization takes the form of Java Jigsaw (JSR -294) specs. But that has been a modering project in recent years. OSGi, with its flaws, is here and now, relatively.

    One Java technologist says: ''I've always been convinced that the last thing Java needs is yet another module system. Multiple implementations are good but multiple specifications for exactly the same purpose are just not good."

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  2. The 'Is OSGi ready for the mainstream?' debate has been going on for some time.  I sat down with some OSGi experts (as a Java developer curious about OSGi), my findings are be summarised here.  To cut a long story short, it's still not quite there for the average app developer, but it's certainly worth investigating seriously.

    I think the Jigsaw vs OSGi cold war will go away (judging by Mark Reinhold's comments at EclipseCon). I suspect now that IBM and Oracle are 'good friends' that they will work something out (whether it's behind closed doors or not who knows).


    Martijn (@java7developer)

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    "that has been a modering project"