We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of JXInsight/OpenCore 6.2 which revolutionizes application performance management by offering unprecedented dynamic behavioral driven runtime adaption in the measurement of software activity execution and resource consumption.

The Ultimate Feedback Loop
JXInsight/OpenCore is the first and only self regulated and cost aware application performance monitoring and management solution on the market today providing a glimpse of the future in which all software is metered and self-aware in its own management of latency, cost, quality and resilience –  both within the public cloud and enterprise data centers.

What’s New

  • New and enhanced intelligent activity metering extensions
  • New management console with powerful visualization and navigation aids
  • New unlimited multi metering snapshot comparison
  • New extensions that watch and count particular measurement observations
  • New agent bundles for immediate integration setup
  • New watch and queue based meters
  • Enhanced quality of service for extreme low latency environments
  • Enhanced dump file format for metering
  • New interfaces, classes and methods in Open API

I.AM) Intelligent Activity Metering
JXInsight/OpenCore is the first multi-chained strategy based activity metering & measurement runtime offering unprecedented control over which activities are metered based on real-time resource consumption profiles and activity chain patterns. Intelligent activity metering focuses on reducing measurement cost and increasing the relevance and richness of the information collected by optimizing the “what, when and how? of metering.

This cost awareness and adaptation allows for more information to be collected ,whilst not severely impacting accuracy, which in turn can lead to further insights resulting in reduced measurement costs which in turn can lead to more information being collected….a continuous cost and value optimization cycle.