HermesJMS 1.14 is out


News: HermesJMS 1.14 is out

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    HermesJMS is a graphical tool for working with JMS providers letting you create and send messages; view messages on queues and topics; save messages to your local disk for editing and later resubmission - and lots more.

    As well as a lot of bug fixes notable improvements include the editing of messages before you send them and those in message stores; better MacOSX support; HornetQ and QPID plugins and support for FIX 5.0 message rendering.

    Release notes are at



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    Colin, congrats on the release.  As you know I've enjoyed using HermesJMS with WebLogic Server JMS for awhile and I'll be sure to try out the new version.  The last time I blogged about it was with Hermes 1.13 and WLS 10.3.0.


    James Bayer

    WebLogic Server Product Management