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News: Simplified Node.js for Java developers

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    Node.js untangles concurrency by replacing the Java platform's standard, multithreaded approach with single-threaded, event-driven I/O. In this article, Andrew Glover introduces Node.js and explains why its event-driven concurrency has sparked so much interest, even among die-hard Java developers. He then shows you how to leverage Node's Express framework, Mongolian DeadBeef, and MongoDB to build a concurrent, scalable, and persistent web application.

    Node.js for Java developers

  2. Node like framework for the JVM[ Go to top ]

    If you're interested in an event driven approach "node-like" approach, but for the JVM, take a look at

    Vert.x has a similar programming model to node.js, but it runs on the JVM, and currently supports Java and Ruby, we aim to support JS, Groovy and other JVM language in the not too distant future.

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